Needle Holders

Expertly crafted from surgical grade stainless steel and meets the very highest quality standards and specifications. This outstanding quality and price point make Pro Advantage instruments ideal for today’s growing instrument market. Manufactured to German standards with exceptional value. Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship assures years of service from each instrument. Selection of the most popular patterns of surgical instruments.


Item # Description
N407300 Webster Needle Holder, 5”
N407302 Webster Needle Holder, 5”, Tungsten Carbide
N407305 Halsey Needle Holder, 5”
N407307 Halsey Needle Holder, 5”, Tungsten Carbide
N407310 Baumgartner Needle Holder, 5 1/2”
N407312 Baumgartner Needle Holder, 5 1/2”, Tungsten Carbide
N407315 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 5”
N407317 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 5”, Tungsten Carbide
N407320 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 6”
N407322 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 6”, Tungsten Carbide